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Product Info for UNITHANE IC-807 SF


UNITHANE IC-807 SF is a solvent free, medium soft, high gloss, APEO free, waterbased polyurethane dispersion; with excellent additive compatibility and flexibility properties. Developed for use in a formulated coating for graphic arts, concrete, paint, textiles and selected plastics.

Industrial Applications:

This product is recommended for: Paint and Coating Resins, Graphic Arts, Flexible Substrates

Product Characteristics:

Product Class Solids % pH Viscosity @25ºC Gloss VOC g/L Tensile (D-882) Elongation (%) Modulus 100% (psi) Sward Hardness
34 – 36 7.5 – 9.5 10 – 500 cps 70 – 100 2.0 3400 psi 480% 1200 psi 6

Full product details can be found in this section:


Special Features: Solvent Free (SF), NMP-Free (NF), Low VOC (<100 g/L)
Application Types – Industrial Coatings: Interior, Exterior, Automotive, Aircraft, Synthetic Leather, Flooring, Wood, Paint, Graphic Arts, Inks, OPV, Paper, Textiles, Plastics – Flexible, Plastics – Rigid, Adhesive/Primer


Total Solids %: 34 – 36
pH: 7.5 – 9.5
Viscosity @ 25⁰ C: 10 – 500 cps
VOC (Grams/Liter): 2.0
VOC (% of total weight): 0.20
Specific Gravity: 1.04
Appearance: Opaque
Gloss (60): 70 – 100
Freeze/Thaw Cycles (D-2243): 3 cycles
Shelf Life: Maximum 12 months
Harmonize Tariff Number: 3909.50.6000


Film Appearance after Curing: Clear
Tensile (D-882): 3400 psi
Tensile at 100% Elongation: 1200 psi
Elongation (D-882): 480%
Cold Crank (ISO 17233): below -30°C
Softening Point: 135°C
Pencil Hardness (D-3363): 4B
Sward Hardness (D-2134): 6
UV Resistance (D-4587): No Damage (1000 hours at 340 nm)
Impact Resistance (D-2794): No Damage at 160 psi (Direct or Reverse)
Tabor Abrasion (D-4060): 10 mg loss (CS-10, 1000g 1000 cycles)
Mandrel Bend (D-522): Pass 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1
Dry Time (D-5895): 75 minutes
Hydrolysis Resistance (200 hours, 70ºC, 95% RH): Retained 65% of Tensile Properties


note: 5= no damage, films dried for 15 minutes at 80ºC, then equalized at room temp for 7 days.
Water: 5
Acetic Acid: 5
Ammonia: 3
Methyl Ethyl Ketone: 4
2-Propanol: 2
Toluene: 5
Gasoline: 5


Cold Roll Steel – Unpolished: 5B
Aluminum – Untreated: 5B
Brass – Untreated: 5B
ABS – Untreated: 5B
Polycarbonate – Untreated: 5B
Nylon – Untreated: 5B
HDPE – Untreated: 0B

Certified to ISO-9001:2015

Contact Information:

3 Malcolm Hoyt Drive
Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 ∙ U.S.A.
Tel: (978) 465-1717 ∙ Fax: (978) 465-4194
E-mail: ∙


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[Please note that due to the Chinese Trademark Office opposition decision, products destined for the China marketplace in the category of “Adhesives for Industrial purposes: Polyurethane,” will NOT contain the trade name “UNITHANE” but will be labeled only with the letter or number designation. Please contact us if there are any questions. Thank you.]