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FINISH OIL LF-A is a water-resistant swelling oil for use on waterproof or non-waterproof crust leathers to increase Maeser flexes. Full grain or corrected grain, unfinished leathers treated with FINISH OIL LF-A will give consistently high flex values on Maeser testing machines. Actual figures will depend very much on the crust, but 50,000 or more Maeser flexes are not unusual. FINISH OIL LF-A can be applied by swabbing, curtain coater, seasoning machine or reverse roll coater. When applied to the grain surface, a pleasant oily feel will be imparted, and due care should be taken when finishing this leather to ensure proper adhesion of the finish. On naked leathers FINISH OIL LF-A will show a light pull-up effect and a very pleasing fullness will be imparted to the leather. FINISH OIL LF-A will cause the leather to darken slightly.


FINISH OIL LF-A as supplied is 100% solids and does not contain any solvents. It is not miscible with water. It is compatible with many solvents, the most popular being high flash petroleum naphtha (Stoddard Solvent, Odorless Mineral Spirits). For most leathers the application of 15-18 g/ft2 of FINISH OIL LF-A by roller coater will give excellent flex values.

After application, and if FINISH OIL LF-A is used with solvent, we recommend that the leather be thoroughly dried and aired off to remove all solvent before testing. This usually takes 2-3 days under normal drying conditions.

Industrial Applications:

This product is recommended for: Leather

Product Characteristics:

Product Class Solids % pH Viscosity @25ºC Gloss VOC g/L Tensile (D-882) Elongation (%) Modulus 100% (psi) Sward Hardness
Oils and Waxes Heavy

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Application Types – Leather: Upholstery, Shoe, Waterproof


Viscosity @ 25⁰ C: Heavy
Specific Gravity: 1.00
Appearance: Dark colored oil
Shelf Life: Maximum 5 years.
Harmonize Tariff Number: 3403.91.0000

Certified to ISO-9001:2015

Contact Information:

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Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 · U.S.A.
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