About Us

Welcome to Union Specialties, Inc. We are the premier manufacturer of waterbased polyurethane dispersions and specialty products to the leather and coatings industries worldwide. QUALITY,  SERVICE, COMMITTMENT[more]

Innovation and Research

High tech, cost effective, top quality polymers, resins and coatings.  These are the goals of Union Specialties’ R&D and Science teams when designing and developing new, innovative products [more]

Waterbased Technology

There are decisions you can make and should make to strengthen the future for the next generation. In business today, we know that the old ways are no longer always the right way. Our wa [more]

Quality. Service. Commitment.

Quality is a comprehensive concept. It must permeate every aspect of the company, no exceptions. Quality is also a clear and practical result of a company’s culture and management commitment [more]

Union Specialties is proud to announce that we have achieved our
ZDHC MRSL Level 3 Certification