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UNIFYL B is a protein-type filler for use particularly on softer tannages including garment leathers. It imparts a soft fullness, good roundness, tight break, a soft silky feel, uniformity, good buffing properties and improved finishing. UNIFYL B can be used on straight chrome, vegetable or combination leathers, either full or corrected grains. As UNIFYL B is free from formaldehyde, it makes it suitable for automotive leather from wet-white as well as wet-blue. As this filler is in a dry powder form it has great economic advantage over liquid fillers from the standpoint of material cost, freight, storage, handling, etc. For maximum results, we suggest that UNIFYL B be added to the skins in the form of a slurry and run for 20 minutes before the addition of the fatliquor. UNIFYL B will give maximum filling in the loosest parts of the skin such as the belly area and flanks and will thus help to control the fatliquoring process ensuring a tight grain. It can also be added as a dry powder. The following would be a typical method of use:

Wash 15 mins. at 140°F (60°C). Drain and float skins to give approximately 150% water. Add: 2-4% UNIFYL B (as a slurry or as a dry powder). Run 20 minutes. Add: 6-10% FATLIQUOR. Run 30-40 minutes. Proceed as normal.

To make a slurry of UNIFYL B simply mix with hot water (130-150°F or 50-65°C.) If high speed mixing is available so much the better. However, in the absence of such equipment ensure a thorough mixing by whatever means are available.

Industrial Applications:

This product is recommended for: Leather

Product Characteristics:

Product Class Solids % pH Viscosity @25ºC Gloss VOC g/L Tensile (D-882) Elongation (%) Modulus 100% (psi) Sward Hardness
Wet End

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Shelf Life: Maximum 60 months
Harmonize Tariff Number: 3202.90.0000

Certified to ISO-9001:2015

Contact Information:

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Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 · U.S.A.
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