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UNISLIP 3958 is a product designed for use in the drum or processor to prevent tie-ups and costly tear-offs. It is particularly helpful on light leathers, such as garment sides and linings, but it has been used effectively on heavier leathers as well. It is a dry powder, which is added to the drum where it dissolves slowly to form a light, slippery film on the surface of the leather, thus reducing the drag and the tendency to tie-up. UNISLIP 3958 is a surface material that is removed in the washing operation. By relieving the problem of tie-ups, UNISLIP 3958 has cut down a great deal on manpower handling costs, as well as eliminating the uneven tanning, coloring, and fatliquoring which often accompany tie-ups. Operators spend much less time horsing up the skins after a drum has been dumped. Some tanners have reported being able to increase their load sizes by up to 25% and note a dramatic reduction in the number of tear-offs.

It is difficult to give any set formula for the use of UNISLIP 3958, because use will vary with different tanning procedures. Rarely is more than a total of one (1) percent necessary to secure desired results. As it is removed in a wash operation we suggest multiple feeds to replace after washes. For example, some tanners use about 0.25% in with the retan of the blue shaved stock, 0.5% in with the coloring and another 0.25% in with the fatliquor. Others use 1% in with the blue shaved stock if there are no washes, and still others use small amounts at specific points in process (such as coloring, or even pickle or fatliquoring) where tie-ups generally occur. It has also been successfully used in mixers as well as drums. UNISLIP 3958 has no effect on coloring or tanning processes.

UNISLIP 3958 may be put in the drum dry through the door and the drum should be run promptly to prevent any lumps from forming. If you are trying to increase the size of the drum load we suggest the load be increased in small increments until the most effective point is determined. See our applications sheet for more specific information and uses. The solids content of UNISLIP 3958 is 100%.

Industrial Applications:

This product is recommended for: Leather

Product Characteristics:

Product Class Solids % pH Viscosity @25ºC Gloss VOC g/L Tensile (D-882) Elongation (%) Modulus 100% (psi) Sward Hardness
Wet End

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Shelf Life: Maximum 5 years.
Harmonize Tariff Number: 3202.90.0000

Certified to ISO-9001:2015

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